Indian Creek Cove Homeowners Association


     ICC HOA enforcement priorities:


     1.  Dwellings, buildings, and structures.


Specific Issues:

  • Permanent structures, extensions, ancillary buildings, fences, and obstructions require architectural review committee (ARC) approval prior to construction.
  • Implementation follows the right setbacks and is styled to match the house, unless waived by the ARC


2.  Safety, health, and  security.


Specific Issues:

  • Limit trucks and cars from parking in the roadways, which can interfere with school buses and play activities.
  • Safe and considerate recreation at the pool.
  • Clean ditches so that debris, obstructions, and vegetation will not impede water flow. 
  • Trim plants and bushes as not to occlude the right of ways such as sidewalks.
  • Prevent dumping of yard waste and trash in the common areas.
  • Store or secure lawn care and recreational equipment and trailers as not to attract criminals.


3.  Appearance and value. Ensure owners and tenants take care of their yards, maintain their assets, and respect each other.


Specific Issues:

  • Park vehicles and trailers on paved parking areas or out of sight from the road.
  • Keep lawns trimmed and weeded to below six inches. This includes areas behind fences and in easements.
  • Store garbage carts out of sight from the road.
  • Clean discolorations from exterior building surfaces visible from the street.
  • Neutral window treatments when visible from the main road.
  • Limit flags and banners to sizes proportional to the dwelling and ensure that they are not offensive


4.  Chronic violators.Tougher enforcement of the details in the covenants for residents that systematically ignore reasonable items or hinder the spirit of the community.


Specific issues:

  • Property owners that receive three or more violation notices per year may be subjected to more detailed and timely compliance to the covenants, which includes detailed items such as edging lawns, removing sheets used as window coverings, repairing sections of fencing, and scrubbing large oil deposits from driveways.



Legal and civil matters. 

The ICC HOA covenant enforcement effort does not handle issues that are regulated by local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies and courts. Examples of such issues include, but are not limited to:

  • domestic disputes,
  • disorderly conduct,
  • disturbing the peace,
  • assault and battery,
  • speeding and other vehicle moving violations,
  • trespassing,
  • vandalism,
  • theft and burglary,
  • arson,
  • loose or vicious animals (Madison County has a leash law),
  • derelict cars visible from the street,
  • public property within the Indian Creek Cove boundaries,
  • wildlife, or
  • interfering with the contours of the drainage system. 

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