Indian Creek Cove Homeowners Association

Fine Policy

Indian Creek Cove Homeowners Association

Administrative Resolution – Number 2010.1


Fine Policy


The following Fine and Appeals Policy shall be followed for the Indian Creek Cove Homeowners Association:


FIRST NOTICE:  An initial notice of the violation shall be mailed via regular mail to the homeowner requesting compliance with the covenants within ten (10) days – NO FINE.


SECOND NOTICE: If the violation still exists, a second notice requesting compliance within (10) days shall be mailed via regular mail to the homeowner – NO FINE. 


THIRD NOTICE:  If the violation still exists, a $35.00 FINE will be assessed.  An invoice with the total fine due shall be mailed via regular mail to the homeowner.  In addition, a $5.00 per day FINE shall be assessed if the matter is not resolved within ten (10) days.  The Board shall have the right to take legal action, the cost of which shall be billed to the homeowner and collected in the same manner as assessments.


CONTINUING VIOLATIONS:  If the same violation occurs within the year, the homeowner will be subject to another $35.00 fine.


FINES:  No fines shall be imposed without first providing a written warning to the Owner describing the violation and stating that failure to stop the violation within no less than ten (10) days or another recurrence of the same violation within twelve (12) months of the original violation shall make the Owner subject to imposition of a fine. Failure to pay any fine shall subject the Owner to the same potential penalties and enforcement as failure to pay any assessments under the Covenants.


APPEALS: The homeowner may appeal by notifying the Indian Creek Cove Homeowners Association Board.  Notification of intent to appeal must be received within ten (10) days of the receipt of the first violation and must be sent to the property management company or any current board member.


This resolution shall be effective upon its adoption.

Recorded in the Book of Minutes:  July 12, 2010

Effective:  July 12, 2010, Termination:  Open-ended policy

Updated policy as of June 11, 2012