Indian Creek Cove Homeowners Association

Sheriff’s Office

Emergency:  911

Non-Emergency:  256-722-7181


Volunteers always welcome,

please contact:


Watch Coordinators:


Kimberly Collette


Michael Connolly, 256-653-5491



Patrol Procedures:  


  1. Being on neighborhood watch patrol does not make you a law enforcement officer! DO NOT ENGAGE suspected criminals. Your role is to OBSERVE, report, and, with your presence, help deter potential criminals.
  2. Use your private vehicle to slowly patrol the entire community area in a random pattern.
  3. Observe from a distance.
  4. Report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Office immediately, DIAL 911 for emergencies.
  5. Non-emergency dispatcher - 256-722-7181
  6. Make notes of poor security practices by residents and report these items to the watch coordinators.
  7. Use the magnetic signs on your vehicle only while on patrol duty.
  8. Report street light problems to or call (256) 535-1324



Be helpful, courteous, and respect your neighbor’s privacy.

For more information, please see:

Madison County Sheriff's Department website

Additional resource: Although we are not under the jurisdiction of the City of Huntsville Police Department, their website has some useful resources for our residents: