Indian Creek Cove Homeowners Association

ICC Trash Can policy
Trash pickup is every Wednesday (possibly delayed if there is a holiday earlier in the week or on Wednesday).


Large item pickup is the first Monday of the month.


  • Usually it's on the first Monday of the month. Sometimes it's a few days later depending on holiday schedules, pickup crew workloads, etc.
  • Please don't put out your yard waste and items for pickup more than 10 days prior to the pick up.  We want to keep our neighborhood looking as nice as possible.  
  • Please keep security in mind when you put out large trash items. Burglars will look for signs of recent expensive purchases like TV boxes, computer packaging, etc. If in doubt, tear up the materials and bag them in black plastic garbage bags to hide the contents.
  • The amount of debris we will pick up at each house should fit into a standard pickup truck bed.

    If your amount of debris exceeds that, please call 256-852-8351 to make special arrangements.  A service charge of $50 plus additional amount for disposal fees will be assessed by our Debris Collection Foreman. 

  • See Large Trash Pickup - Madison County District 4 for County guidelines. 
  • For more information, go to the link below


Curbside recyclables are picked up every Tuesday.

If your residence does not have a recycling bin, Madison County residents call 256-532-1513.


Place inside your curbside bin:

  • #1 & #2 small-necked plastic containers (no poison or oil containers)
  • aluminum or steel cans (including EMPTY aerosol cans)
  • newspapers, inserts & magazines printed on slick, glossy paper
  • cardboard

Place beside your curbside bin:

  • household dry cell batteries from cameras, toys, watches, etc. (put in a plastic bag & place beside your bin)
  • used motor oil (pour into a clear, plastic container with a lid & place beside your bin)


If you have any questions, please contact Elise at Hughes Properties (256.430.3088  Ext 110).